Running your ISMS

You have a certified ISMS (or will have), and you would like someone to run it for you allowing you to concentrate on running your business.


Your response - ask Gamma to help

Gamma can run your ISMS for you.

We will start by discussing the level of support that you desire and agreeing a Service Level Agreement. Typically we would act as the ISMS administrator for you. This means that we would be responsible for:

  • Liaising with the certification body on all matters regarding your registration (apart perhaps from billing)
  • Maintaining the required documented information
  • Establishing the internal audit programme and conducting some, if not all, of the internal audits
  • Calling the management review meetings and acting as meeting secretary
  • Carrying out ISMS actions placed on us at such meetings.

By doing it in this way means that you will still have overall management responsibility for the ISMS and thereby able to demonstrate your management responsibilities as required by the standard.

You may choose to keep the required documented information, particularly your records of performance, on your your own server(s), or alternatively locate it on ours. The former case is preferable if your documented information is particularly sensitive (e.g. government classified) or exists in large quantities. The latter case is preferable if you have a preference for using cloud services.

Your next move

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