ISMS health check

You have a certified ISMS but you have questioned whether it is really delivering on your expectations. Your ISMS is seemingly very bureaucratic, for example, or there is always a lot of work involved in preparing for a certification audit, much of which you would rather not do. Perhaps you are uncertain as to how effective your ISMS processes and controls are.

Your response - ask Gamma to perform an ISMS health check

Gamma will review your ISMS and tell you how you get the very best out of out. We will then tune it, making it more efficient and more effective in accordance with our recommendations.

We will start as in the case of performing a gap analysis by gaining an understanding of your ISMS scope and what you see as the relevant issues, risks and opportunities. We will also ask you if there are specific improvements that you have in mind.

We will then review the operation of your ISMS, starting with a review of your documented information before looking at the operation of selected processes. We will then analyse our findings to identify:

  • Exposure to risks that you may be unaware of
  • ISMS processes that could be made more efficient or more effective
  • Ways in which your risk treatment plan, selected risk treatment options and controls could be made more efficient or more effective
  • How the identified improvements may be achieved together with their benefits and costs.

You may choose which ISMS processes you would particularly like us to review. These may include, for example, risk assessment/risk treatment, training and awareness, ISMS performance evaluation, internal audit and management review. There may also be areas of information security controls that you would particularly like us to look at, such as information classification, access control, supplier assurance and incident management, etc.

We will document our findings and recommendations in a report which we will present to you. Once you have decided upon a course of action, we would be pleased to assist you in implementing those recommendations that you have chosen to accept.

Your next move

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