IMS-Smart is a management philosophy for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving systems of internal control in conformance with the principles of sound corporate governance. It embraces both parts of internal control: opportunity exploitation as well as risk management. Gamma created the overall philosophy and in 2007 assigned its IPR in the philosophy and associated technology to IMS-Smart Limited.

Gamma is an accredited franchisee of IMS-Smart services, which are only available through accredited franchisees. Gamma also enjoys a special relationship with IMS-Smart Limited as it was responsible for the original research and development of the IMS-Smart methodology.

The IMS-Smart philosophy

At the heart of the philosophy is an architecture, with the pursuance of the organisation’s business objectives realised through a set of opportunity exploitation plans, and with the attendant risks of doing so realised through a set of risk treatment plans.

Both sets of plans are designed using complementary "tell it like a story" methods, which:

  • are understandable by everyone, and in particular senior business people
  • cover all interests of the organisation, in other words they transcend across all corporate functions, disciplines and processes, and are equally applicable to financial as well as non-financial risks
  • are amenable to measurement, so that the effectiveness of the system of internal control can be determined and in particular its ability to met the performance and policy objectives of the board.

The architecture facilitates the processes necessary for an organisation to perform complete Plan-Do-Check-Act Deming cycles. It is fully compatible with the various ISO and British management system standards, rendering integrated management system construction and certification straightforward.

IMS-Smart services and technology

IMS-Smart has devised an approach to creating management system capability for an organisation. They called it a Productised Intellectual Property-led Service () . It takes one through a programme of work that consists of four phases, with phase end milestones called:

  1. IMS approved
  2. IMS ready for certification
  3. IMS recommended for certification
  4. IMS fully operational

IMS-Smart also provides some useful technology for creating the required documented information. This consists of a set of HTML templates (thus one views the documented information using a browser, and all documented information is just one-click-away from those people who need them). There is also a cloud based version.

IMS-Smart is indeed a product of the 21st Century

For further information on IMS-Smart, please contact David Brewer at IMS-Smart Limited.